Costa Alegre Raku Pots

Examples of Michele's rakued pots in Mexico
post reduction excitement!
from the kiln into the fire
from the fire into water
the finished raku artifacts
cold water reveals the colors
workshops are conducted in a beautful garden setting
All you need to bring is your desire to create !  The possibilities are endless! 
detail of "Volcano Flowers"  2005
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This page was last updated: November 1, 2011
taking lid off hot kiln
reducing hot pot
two for reduction??
Rhoda squelching fire
the work table
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Workshop garden
Michele selling her raku pots at Restaurante Maya at Sunday brunch
San Patricio, Melaque, Villa Obregon, Barra de Navidad, La Manzanilla , Jalisco, Mexico
molten pot inside kiln chamber.  it's just about ready to pull out
homemade raku glazes
combination of commercial & homemade glazes
molten pot ready to reduce
Handmade Porcelain Raku Bead Workshops
Ceramic Underglaze Painting & Raku Tile
Play with Clay

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