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San Patricio, Melaque, Villa ObregonBarra de NavidadLa Manzanilla , Jalisco, Mexico
Are you planning a visit to the Melaque, San Patricio, Villa Obregon, Barra de Navidad, La Manzanilla and Manzanillo area?
You choose the made in Mexico pot (cantaro), bowl or plate from a large selection of shapes and sizes. There is always a interesting selection of specially made raku glazes.   Painting, sponging, dipping and spraying are some of the application techniques that make this glazing process spontaneous and delightful to discover.  Create a stunning one of a kind surface texture with gorgeous fiery metallic's and a rainbow of color that will make your own design truly unique.
Would you like to play with a little fire?  From mid November until April I open my Villa Obregon ceramics studio for almost daily art classes exploring the raku glazing process.  Come and discover the ancient Japanese process of beautiful raku fired ceramics.  Absolutely everything you need is provided to unleash your creative instincts and have a lot of fun.  In just a few hours you can walk out the door with a gorgeous pot, vase, planter, tile, urn or cup.

Reservations are suggested.  Groups of 4 (six maximum) make a perfect morning or afternoon.
(440 pesos +or-)
buys you the cantaro 
( cups, vase, pot, urn or plate) of your choice, a delicious lunch, and absolutely everything you need to embellish a shapely pot and have a wonderful day in the shade making a little art while in Mexico! 

. For more information and/or to make a reservation for yourself or a group please email me:
Taken from the hot kiln then dramatically cooled with water the finished piece emerges!
"Redbird over Fire & Ice"
view 1 underglaze/raku 
14" Michele Morehouse '05
"Redbird over Fire & Ice"
view 2  underglaze/raku
14" Michele Morehouse '05
All you need to bring is your desire to create !  The possibilities are endless!  

If you' ld like to stop in for a visit you can find me near the new laguna walk and "La Candelaria" Villa Obregon's Plaze de Toros! 
I am behind a long violet wall next to Avalos Tienda.
Melchor Ocampo # 9
Villa Obregon, Jalisco, Mexico  48980
Telephone in Mexico
 (315) 355 6936  
Steen and I want to thank you for your warm hospitality and the terrific time we shared at your raku workshop. My husband was quite pleased with the whole firing process and really enjoyed his first experience of glazing & firing pots. It was easier that we both anticipated and quite enjoyed the magical transformation from the glazing to the finished product and not to mention the several treasures we brought home. We'll stay in touch and definitely come back next year.
We highly recommend this Raku Workshop to one and all! 
It really was a blast!

A Thank You note from British Columbia
             Guys love raku too!
Learning about raku glazing under the cool shade of the mango tree at the Villa Obregon studio
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you can see the pot inside the kiln. it's almost ready to pull
pulling molten pot from kiln and placing it in paper lined metal garbage can for reduction
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Handmade Porcelain Raku Bead Workshops
Ceramic Underglaze Painting & Raku Tile
Play with Clay
and Raku
detail of raku porcelain beads
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If you're interested in doing some handbuilding in porcelain and/or raku clay you can sign up for our Handmade Porcelain Bead and / or Play with Raku Clay Workshops.  check workshop schedules for dates.
The photos on the right and below left are from my Play with Clay workshops.  These pieces are handbuilt from raku clay, bisqued in my electric kiln and then glazed with my special raku glazes and raku fired.
For those who like to paint, we have another week long class in ceramic underglaze painting.  Painting with underglazes on white earthenware feels very much like painting on expensive watercolor paper.  Your results will be professional and durable. Blank oversized cappuccino cups, both square and oval tiles and a selection of plates, canisters and pitchers are included along with all other materials. Time permitting we'll  also underglaze and raku fire a Mexican ceramic tile.
all levels are welcome!
Check out the Workshops page for more information 

Cynthia's handbuilt raku bowl with copper matte glazes Play with Clay Workshop 2007
A Letter of Appreciation from The Yukon
 Hi Michele,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to let the rest of the world know how great your raku workshops are in Melaque.  When I went to your workshop the first time 2 years ago I was hooked.  Now I have an addiction to the pots or bowls or beads or plates or anything with clay I guess.  You have the wonderful ability to make every one feel relaxed and confident that they too can produce a masterpiece!!  One thing I really think is nice is that you really encourage people to follow their own ideas.  Your own skill and knowledge of clay and the different paints and glazes is so helpful.  Over the last two winters in Melaque I have probably gone on an average of once a week or every two weeks to your classes and you have encouraged me to try many different things with sometimes amazing results.  Thank you.  I can't say enough about the fun we have and I would encourage anyone to give it a try.  It is a wonderful, happy way to spend the day and who knows, you too may be stricken with the passion of the pots.
Looking forward to more sessions again this winter,
handmade raku porcelain beads
Rona Shuster raku box with lid
Play with Clay Workshop  2008
Marianne's raku box with teapot lid
 Play with Clay Workshop 2008
Debbie Hoeper
 raku class  2008
handbuilt work inside  kiln.  the glazes are molten and the work is ready to pull out and reduce.
email me
email me
Costa Alegre Raku Workshop NOT be offering classes or workshops for the 2015/2016 season.  Sorry to disappoint!